Who do I contact to have limbs, brush, large bulky items collected?

To be added to the list for a special collection contact the City of Hoover (205-739-7311) or submit through My Hoover Connect.  You may also email us at myhooverconnect@hooveralabama.gov and we will enter your request for you. Crews on the garbage trucks can sometimes gather small piles of limbs but in most cases it is best to inform us. Only debris generated by the homeowner will be collected. It is the responsibility of hired landscapers, tree services, roofers, remodeling companies, etc. to remove any materials/debris generated by their crews. You may call 205-739-7311 if you are unsure of what Department to contact and we will forward you to the appropriate party to handle your request. 

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1. Who do I contact to have limbs, brush, large bulky items collected?
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