Hoover Central Softball

Hoover Softball Association & White Lightning Organization

Welcome to the Hoover Softball Association's website. We are the home of Hoover Girls softball and play out of Hoover Central Park. The HSA offers softball for all girls ages 4-18. Under the HSA umbrella, there are also six White Lighting travel teams. HSA prides itself in offering recreational and competitive softball for the girls of Hoover. We have the full support of all the Hoover Middle School and High School teams.

Hoover Central currently has six softball fields, a football field, a track around the perimeter, a concession stand and two playgrounds, It is a wonderful home to our girls as well as numerous tournaments. Many improvements are to come as well! Many thanks to all of the volunteer board members, coaches and parents that make this possible for our girls. Also many thanks to the grounds crew and the City of Hoover for our wonderful park. We are very appreciative!
So what are you waiting for? Come join us and have a great team building experience!

For more information, visit the Hoover Softball Park website.

Image of girls youth softball team sitting and standing around trophy