Cycling Classes

The Hoover Recreation Center offers up to fifteen indoor cycling classes each week to fit your schedule. Weekend classes are also available.

Each class is led by an instructor who leads participants through a course of rolling hills, steep mountain climbs, or fast flat cruises choreographed to great music. This indoor studio cycling class is designed for any fitness level. You set your own pace!

Click here for the Group Fitness Schedule. Schedules are also located at the Recreation Center.

Class Guidelines

  • Each class ranges from 45 minutes to one hour in length
  • Beginners and advanced cyclists are welcome to participate
  • The spin class will open 15 minutes prior to each class
  • Space is limited and each class is on a first come basis
  • First-time participants should arrive 10 minutes prior to class
  • Consult with the instructor prior to class for instructions on bike use
  • Bikes are not to be moved except by permission of the instructor/staff
  • Please bring a towel for personal use and bottled water for hydration
  • A reading light is recommended for use on the bike (optional)

Class Rules

  • Please be courteous to the instructor by entering class on time
  • Bikes are for class use only and not for individual use at any time
  • Bikes are first come and are not to be reserved for another participant
  • Cell phones, personal iPod and mp3 players are prohibited
  • If you need to place/take a call, please be courteous by leaving class
  • Please wipe the bike after each class
  • Please do not use a personal towel to clean the bike
  • Cleaning solutions and paper towels are provided for your convenience
  • For any questions about class procedures, please see our fitness staff