Sanitary Sewer

The City owns, operates and maintains the sanitary sewer system in the residential and business areas of:
  • Inverness
  • Riverchase
  • Southlake
To report a sewer problem in one of these areas, contact Burt Hankins at 205-657-0325.
After normal business hours, you may contact the Hoover Emergency Dispatch Office so on-call personnel may be notified.

Many homeowners/business owners are not aware that they are responsible for the sanitary sewer service line from their home or business to the main sewer. Any cleaning or repairs that need to be done to the service line are their responsibility. The City will provide assistance to you and/or your plumber to verify that the main sewer line is not obstructed. Should it be determined that main sewer line is obstructed, the City will take the necessary actions to alleviate the problem.