Sewers & Storm Drainage

Water Systems in Hoover

The City of Hoover is serviced largely by the Birmingham Water Works System (205-244-4000), with the following exceptions:

  • Greystone (excluding Greystone Highlands) is serviced by the Shelby County Water System (205-678-2818)
  • Lake Cyrus and Ross Bridge are serviced by Bessemer Water (205-481-4333)
  • Quail Run and Valley Station are serviced by Pelham Water (205-620-6420)

To report any problems or for further inquiries, please contact the appropriate board.

The City of Hoover has enacted a Water Conservation Policy, which is available online.

Sewer Systems in Hoover

A sewer is a general term denoting a system for controlling the flow of non-potable waters. There are two types of sewers - sanitary sewers and storm sewers.

Sanitary Sewer 

Sanitary Sewer refers to the system of pipes and pumping stations that deliver wastewater from homes and businesses to waste water treatment plants.

If you have problems with the sanitary sewer systems, within the public right-of-ways of the following areas of the city:

  • Business sections of Southlake, Shelby County sections of Riverchase, and in Inverness at the corner of Valleydale Road and U.S. Highway 280
  • Residential areas of Southlake, Inverness, and Shelby County sections of Riverchase

Contact: Mark Welsh with Clearwater Solutions at 205-988-9669 or email to  If he is not immediately available contact Jason Welch at 205-739-7142 or email at

To report an issue with Inverness, Riverchase or Southlake sanitary sewer after hours please call Hoover Emergency Dispatch at 205-822-5300 and they will contact the individual on call.

Greystone area: Contact Southwest Water at 205-987-8352.

For sanitary sewer problems for those residents and business owners connected to the Jefferson County Sewer System, please contact Jefferson County Environmental Services at 205-942-0681.

 Storm Sewer

Storm Sewer refers to the gutters, ditches, drains, culverts, and pipes that are designed to divert and steer the flow of rainwater runoff.

Contact the Public Works Department 205-444-7543 or through My Hoover Connect

Additional Information
Please do not put grass clippings, leaves, etc. in the storm sewer drains. This impedes the flow and clogs the drains.

Call 205-444-7543 if you need to request special collection of limbs and brush. It is a violation of EPA and ADEM regulations to discharge any non rain water substance(s) into storm water flows. Only rain water is allowed into the storm water drainage system. Help us, help you in keeping our storm drains running smoothly.